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Manage your teams

We know the pitfalls and challenges of resource management and scheduling.

Web-Planning is designed to streamline the management of your business, improve your organization over time and optimize your resources. Scheduling becomes a game.

Drive your team from the desired platform: IOS , Android , or on different operating systems.

All your created events and tasks are instantly displayed to all screens and tablets connected to the application.

There is no favorable wind for those who do not know where they are going
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A tool for everyone

With Web-Planning, enjoy unparalleled features that will allow you to conceive your schedules intuitively. In a few clicks, edit, cut, copy, and resize your tasks.
The very high level of user-friendliness allows a simple and agile use. Its elegance and night mode brings you a great visual comfort.

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Customize your workspace

Customize your workspace according to your preferences. Everything is adjustable and changeable, to make ease the usage.
In no time, you can filter, sort and access your resource schedules.


Collaborate in real time

Our "real-time" technology makes instantly all users to the same level of information. Share, export or print the schedule of your resources. Our tool has powerful algorithms so as to manage the task conflict to intelligently rearrange your scheduling.

"Give everyone more in use value than
you take from him in cash value.
Then you are adding to the life of the world by every business transaction."


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